When I was cleaning up the engine, a piece of plastic fell into my hand when I was removing the pedal shaft crimp clutch. After examining it, I realized that it was a splinter from the clutch cage. I started searching for information about problems with these engines. When I did a lot of research, I figured out what to replace and how to do it to minimize the problems.

Here is what I will change if you want to improve your engine:

  • Replacing the pedal shaft crimp clutch (that's why I lost the idle speed of the pedals);
  • I had lost the idle speed of the pedals; -Replacing the crimped clutch of the motor drive shaft;
  • Replacing engine drive belt, with a reinforced belt;
  • Replacing the belt tensioner adjusting nut;
  • Replacement of gasket, motor cover;
  • Replacement of all lubricant with new one.

I have all the tools, knowledge and skills to do all the work. I guarantee you the quality and speed of the work.

Service price: 229 €

This price includes the work, the price of parts.

WARNING!The cost of return shipping is not included in this price.

WARNING!If I open your engine and find any breakage or wear, I will contact you and we will make a decision on the matter.

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