When I disassembled the engine of my bike, I saw corrosion on the pedal shaft, and corrosion on the needle bearing. After researching the information on the web, I realized that this is a problem with many brose engines, especially the older models (pre-2022). Although brose is doing its best to solve some of these problems, it does not help much for those whose engine warranty has expired. So I decided to do something about it!

Here is what I will install on your engine:

  • A single lip seal on the rotary shaft to prevent water from entering the crankshaft needle bearing and deeper into the engine (this also prevents rust damage to the crankshaft bearing surface and premature bearing failure (what I had));
  • Original bearing cover seal for right crankshaft ball bearing (not installed until 2017);
  • Water-resistant, long-life grease packed between the outer bearings and motor covers. (this helps prevent water from entering these areas and seeping into the outer bearings);
  • I also install an outer O-ring seal on each side of the crankshaft to further reduce the chance of water and dirt getting into the engine;
  • Unscrew the two screws of the ECU cover and seal them to prevent water from entering the ECU.
I have all the tools, knowledge and skills to do all the work. I guarantee you the quality and speed of the work.

Service price: 99 €

This price includes the work, the price of parts.

WARNING!The cost of return shipping is not included in this price.

WARNING!If I open your engine and find any breakage or wear, I will contact you and we will make a decision on the matter.

delivery address

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